Sunday, August 28, 2005


A Tale of Two Tables

Played the £325 plus one rebuy competition at my local casino Sunday night. 90 runners and a cool £41000+ in the prize pool. I drew a tough looking table. Names and faces I have seen on (RED DOG McReedy, Barry Neville, Big Bob, plus others I've seen around including a couple of total fishes.

Things started quietly for me. I built my 5000 starting chips up to 6000 and then lost a 1000 pot with TT when flop was QQJ passing to a reraise. I then got TT again just at the end of our table (as it was breaking up). Flop JT9 rainbow. I bet 500 and a loose chinese fish reraised 5000 allin. I had 2700 and called. He had J8 and of course the Q hit on the river. Rebought and moved to my new table. I kept to my pre arranged plan to "not show" and built up to 12000. This new table was a complete opposite to my starting one. Lots of weak passive play, cheap flops and checking unless they hit. I stole around 10 pots. The "no show" was messing with one guys head and I got him to call my big bet on the river with top straight with 2 pair because "I had to see what you had"...cheers!

However this was the high point and gradually as the night wore on the tiredness started and I made a few bad plays and one disastrous one. I was certainly feeling the effect of the medication I have been taking to stop me vomiting up everything I eat :-( Basically I lost the plot big style.

I had QQ in UTG +1 and raised the 400 blind to 1500. The button reraised 12000 more allin. He did this earlier with JJ but I felt I was behind and if I lost the pot I'd have 4000 left. This was a classic case of talking myself out of a play which if successful would give me 50% of the tables chips and a big chance to move up to a good position for the rest of the night, accidents notwithstanding.

Definitely a bad pass. Never saw what he had but after that I got a succesion of raggy hands until the exit hand.

I have AK and raise to 2200. The loose guy on my left reraises 5000. I call, probably too loose a call as this was the 1st time he'd popped me. He'd flat called me 3 times before. Flop T46 rainbow. Both check. Turn 8 putting diamond draw up. He bets 1000 into a 15000 pot! Hmm..I should've smelt a rat but I foolishly called. River Ace putting flush out. I bet 3000 and he re-raises me 3400 allin. Foolishly I compound all the errors I had made by calling. Of course he had TT in his hand for Trip Tens and I'm out with a rub down from him as I go...twat :-)

The way I exited shows I still need to maintain my concentration. It was a very slow clock with plenty of chips (I had enough for 20 orbits before the AK hand) so I should've played it better than a £10 rebuy competition. Lesson learnt though and nothing in the way the tourny played suggested I was totally dead money in a £300 competition. Just need to play more and get more experience.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Found my Level

Played the £10 NLHE rebuy tourney at my local Casino, 2nd time I played it now cashed in both. Last night was 17th/110 entries so only got £30 but a wins a win, especially as my biggest pocket pair was 99 :-)

It was billed as a "newbie" night and boy did it show. One guy on the table seemed clueless to the point of retardness. He continually took 2 minutes over each decision, checking and rechecking his cards. The funniest spot was where he was in the big blind. Two players had gone allin for 950 each. It was allin for him to call. "Check" he says. Pointed out he can call or pass. "I pass" he says and grabs the 50 blind. "No you can't do that". " OK, I call and flips over 43 off suit. Of course QQ and AK in his foes hands see a flop of 256 and the fun starts.... :-)

He pulls the same coup with 43 later hitting a 4 high flush which creams AK and JJ. Then comes the nasty stuff. After a few small bets the board reads KJT5K. Mr 43 checks. His foe, completely drunk, bets allin, Mr 43 has him well covered and as is his style goes into the tank. He looks like hes going to call and drunk guys shouts out "chips please". Mr 43 calls with AQ for top straight, drunk guy has KJ for the stone cold nuts. Nasty angle shoot, which he finds hilarious and brags about for a while.

I never really got going. Had KT in the big blind vs Drunk guy. Flop KT2 I check raise allin. He calls with AJ and Q pops up on river.

I float around the 2000-3000 mark and by the 400/800 levl we have lost 80+ players. I get AJ move in vs AQ and A9 Board flops 789 and a lovely T on river propels me to 5000 ish. Suddenly we are in the money and with blinds 800/1600 I have 4300 UTG and see 44. Lump it in and drunk guy eventually calls with AJ (by this time he was close to being in a coma). Flop incuded Jack and I missed my 2 outs.

Luckily with it being an early start I am back home for 11.30 pm.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Plugging Leaks

Not in the sense of calling all in with second nuts in PLO :-) but healthwise.

Still not started the dialysis and on Monday I went in for "tests" basically being pumped full of liquid and being X-Rayed. The outcome of this is there is a hole causing the leak from my perotenial cavaity. The good news is that it isn't an hernia. The bad is it is a genetic fault which will still require an operation to rectify. Generally this fault afflicts a tiny % of men, and only becones apparent when you need to fill the perotenial cavaity with fluid. So it's a bit like flopping Quads and losing to a runner runner straight flush. Shit happens...

Friday, August 12, 2005


Taking Risks

Or rather not taking them............?

I had a punt a few weeks ago on Betfair on the "Ashes" series ending in a draw at 6/1. Only £20. Last night the price had dropped to 4.9/1 so I layed off and now whoever wins the series (or if its a draw), I am guaranteed £12 profit (60% return)...not massive I know. I am probably not made for this gambling lark, the safety of banking a small profit versus letting it ride for £140 gain with the prospect of losing the whole £20?

Also had one of those strange limit O8 sessions today. After 100 hands of $3/$6 limit I was up 30 big bets. Left table up $144 (24 bbs) for a good day, only marred by a continuation of my SNG cold run.


Bits and Bobs

Last Saturday at Cheesey (and later Luton) was a bit of a damp squib. Finished 11th in Cheesey's play off and spilled £120 in the £20 Luton tourney. Old King Cole managed to get to the final so I did hang around for several hours on the rail (a bit like real life reflecting online).

A nice meal in Luton but earlier I picked up a cold off one of the Cheeseyites.

Spent the whole week off work so played a little on PokerStars. A few SNGs (2/7/8) and PLO $100 buy in (went $50 down left -$9 when table got 3 handed).

Health wise apart from the cold the Kidney situation seems to have flat lined as my blood tests are static. I am back in hospital Monday for an X ray to see why my CAPD is leaking. Worst case scenario is that I have to go back in for an operation.

Forest are there usual inconsistent self. Won 2-1 Saturday then lost 3-2 Tuesday to Walsall. Walsall are definitely a jinx on us and I wasn't surprised to see them get a dodgy penalty and our new keeper red carded.

I am looking forward to the cardroom's two day event on bank holiday weekend. Hopefully I can spin up a super sat entry or cash in one of the £20 comps before this space

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Some Football stuff

Well its the start of the reds "glorious campaign" in League 1 (Division 3 to us old gits). Amazingly I will be missing the first game at home to Huddersfield as I am in the Cheeseypoker play off. I put enough of my dead money into the Cheesey league this last year so I might as well have one last punt on getting a freeroll into an event at Luton for the UK Open next week :-)

I have had a few £10 EW bets on the leagues. (Ever the high roller!). So you can rip the piss over the next 9 months these are revealed:

Championship: Ipswich (18/1) Leeds Utd (10/1)
League 1: Oldham (16/1) Gillingham (12/1)
League 2 : Lincoln (16/1) Barnet (20/1)

All on Totesport as I seem to have great difficulty getting money onto Hills etc (I gave up after hour of trying to register my Switch card!).

I certainly haven't backed Forest. 4/1 to win over 46 games looks bad to me and Megson still hasn't got the squad he needs IMHO.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Not a Lot Going On

My cumulative stats for 2005 do not show much change over previous months apart from a dip in live cash after a disastrous session last month. (Mainly a big pot (£600) with nut straight and a redraw to nut flush managed to get a guy allin on the turn with him drawing to the non nut flush and needing a Jack to beat my straight, you can guess the rest!)

Live Tournies:

12 played
3 cashes
£1375 in buy ins
£2570 in cashes

£1195 profit

Live Cash

8 sessions

£1365 in sit ins
£1279 cash outs
£86 loss


25 Played
5 Cashed
$271.50 buy ins
$588.17 cashed
$316.67 Profit

54 Played
15 Cashed
$525.75 buy ins
$260.50 Cashed
$265.25 loss

Overall online $1226 profit (cash games, bonuses etc).

I seem to be disproving the theory that STTs are lower variance than MTTs. Though of course my sample size is definitely less than most play in a week!

August will probably see me trying to spin up some satellites on PokerStars for their WCOOP

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