Monday, December 15, 2008


Las Vegas December 2008 Trip report

Had a good visit to Vegas.

Stayed at Imperial Palace, which was on the flight path from the airport so was a bit noisy in the AM when trying to kip but was overall passable.

The trip out there was trouble free, though one tip I got was to book a airport hotel at the North Terminal and use the monorail as my South side hotel was a £11.50 taxi ride away.

As I arrived at room 4pm local time (midnight UK) I decided to sleep through rather than play tired.

I had planned pre-trip not to play donkaments so the first thing I did was sign up for the 10 am Planet Hollywood Tourny!

I got 6th spot for a nice $43 profit and after lunch went to play $1/$2 NLHE at Flamingo.

This was fun, starting with AA first hand managing to get me $100 ahead in 5 minutes. I trod water for a while then got KK in the big blind. UTG made it $8, got 4 callers so I bumped it to $33 got UTG man to call. Flop 664 two spades (I had KsKc) I bet $50, snap called. Turn 8s so flush out I check he bets $100 I called after long think. River 3s I bet allin $197 and he snaps with Qs9s so I got lucky :)

This got me to around $500. Lost some back while Q9 man pulled up $300 and got his stack up to $450 by some crazy bluffs.

Next big pot I get JJ on button. I raise to $12 and Q9 man calls. Flop J92 rainbow. I bet $25 he calls. Turn K I bet $100 he snaps! (Has he got QT?) river 5, he checks and I'm allin for $200ish. He snaps I say trips and he instamucks and storms off. This gets me up to $950 which drifts back to $880 by the time I quit so over $700 up first full day.

Tuesday was dialysis day, quite a depressing experience. I was one of the few patients with all limbs intact and was one of two white folks there. Being English was a novelty for the staff who asked me if Amsterdam was in England. I also told one I was from Nottingham, she said I love Nottingham, especially Hugh Grant (Notting Hill??). Very clean compared to UK and will have to use them when I go next year.

I felt wasted after the session (as well as $1020 worse off after paying for both sessions). Thus I didnt play any poker until Wednesday.

On Wednesday I went back to Flamingo. I won a $117 high hand bonus with quad 2s but over 5 hours won $7! I also played at Caesars Palace but only 1 cash game and a 25 runner tourny which I busted with JJ in bb vs AA called down by sb.

Thursday I went downtown, Binions was a lot cleaner than before and had new flooring, new table felts but no cash players. After a trip to Gambler's bookstore to stock up I went back to the Orleans as there was a $80 Limit O8 tourny, I managed to finish 12/70 but a stark reminder of why I should avoid tournies, a sick 22% juice.

Friday was dialysis #2. Rinse and repeat from Tuesday.

Saturday was my last full day and Flamingo was frustrating. Could never get going and dropped $378 in about 6 hours.

Overall made just over $100 playing poker, cash games were quite soft and next year's trip (hopefully June 09) will have to be cash only. Would've been closer to $300 plus more cash time might have established if I could beat the games. Flamingo had a $300 max buy in so made it better game than some on the Strip.


I am not playing the Blogger Tournaments

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