Sunday, February 27, 2005


A Quiet Month

Not played much online and played live 3 times.

Figures +£360 Live Cash (6 hours). -£210 Live tournies (cashed once!).

Online I played 1 online trny, no online SNGS and several hours low limit HE and O8. Ended up +$205. Midway through a bunch of bonuses at Party Poker, Fulltilt Poker, Paradise and old bonuses at Ultimatebet and PokerStars. Clearing a few of these should bring a bigger plus figure for March. Also with Easter during March I should get something like 7 or 8 live appearances in. (though I should consider cash games and give up tournies!).

April will hopefully see my first festival outing as the Torneo Di Poker takes place in Slovenia. If you are interested in coming between 18th April and 24th April email

Monday, February 21, 2005


No Poker Post

Incredible draw for Forest yesterday. Away in the FA Cup to spurs, a Premier League side. So a replay away from a Quarter Final with Newcastle (away). That brings back memories of 1974 when Forest led at Newcastle in the F A Cup Quarter Finals and the pitch was invaded (sparked by a massive Geordie). The Forest players were attacked and ended up losing.

Bizarrely, the FA ordered a re-run of the game at Goodison Park. This was drawn and instead of taking the game to Forest's ground a second replay was played at Goodison, Newcastle won, got to the final and were creamed 3-0 by Liverpool. (One of the few times I've wanted Liverpool to win a match!).

If only we could play as well in the League. 9 points adrift with two home games this week, vs Preston and Derby, both sides running well (Derby on an incredible 6 wins out of 6 away from home). I'd seriously swap a cup run for a rush up the league to one place above the relegation zone.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


It's a Kind Of Magic.....

....How to turn a big stack into 11th.....

How I got to 60000. £20 PLHE event. 82 runners. £7700+ pool. 1000 starting chips.

Had no joy in rebuys and never won a hand until freezeout. Even then I was down to 700 with 50/100 blinds. Get 77 and raise and have to call allin after bb reraises. 4 to flop A73 A on turn. Amazingly bb KK and I am back in the hunt. Get 33 and limp in. Flop A35 and bb has A7 and doubles me up.

Antes up to 200/400 and I get JJ. Guy on right raises pot I reraise, foe on myleft reraises but I'm pot committed with 900 left. He has KK first raiser AQ. Flop A....J!!!...A...I sweat two blanks and treble up.

I get AA...raise into 4 limpers, all pass. Next hand AA again and same happens all pass. I get AT and raise. One caller Flop T98 He goes allin for 3000. I have 20000 and call. He turns over QJ. Oops! Turn A river A and i fill up....

I get up to 20000+ and get AJ in limper and button raises. I call with limper...25000 in pot. I see flop J4x Go allin. Limper has A4 and calls 12000 allin. Raiser has AK and passes. Turn K...good bet! and I am on 55000. I get AA next hand. AK man raises I reraise and he says I'm nicking and passes. I am now on 62000, 370000 chips in play 19 left in and I've a "final table " stack. How can I mess this up?

Well....I get 99 and call two allin guys. Initial raiser has QQ and other AJ. JJ on flop and I lose both pots. We are now 13 left with 6 on our table. I have 30000 with 2K/4K blinds. I lose 18K in blinds with seriously bad cards. We get 11 handed. It is offered to take £100 off top for 11th. 10th pays £150. I'm not keen but agree. I then get QJ in sb. All pass I raise 6000. BB reraises allin. I pass after long think. He shows KQ.

I get to 10000 after posting bb. QT suited and button raises. He has me covered. I call as I'm dying a death by ante. He has QJ flop AAQ no miracle to save me and I'm out.

Took the £100 into the cash game and managed to spin it up. My stats for live play in 2005 are now -£300 tournies plus £500 cash games in 4 visits. Maybe I should go to the cardroom at midnight when the cash games start :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


A site for sore eyes

Played the "HendonMob" Forum users tournament last night.

76 runners for a $25 NLHE event with $1000 added and "bounty"s on mob members playing. I've had problems in the past with Prima Poker's software but apart from the garish green backdrop it wasn't too bad.

I had a quiet competition floating around the top 10 for the first hour. I had AA once and no callers and won a big pot with AQ vs KK with an AQJ flop. The structure was good with 2500 points and a slow (for online) clock.

It went tits up when an Hendon Mobster joined the table with 30 left. He went allin first hand. I had AJ suited and in most situations I'd pass pronto. The $100 was too tempting and I called. He had 99, Ace on flop, Ace on turn and I'm counting the money, ready to type "GG" and then river comes 9! Oops....

Very next hand I get QQ, lump it in, no callers. AK next hand _PJB_ raises and I lump it in. He calls with 86 suited hit 6 on flop and I go out 30th....

So my abysmal Hold 'em Tourny form continues! Luckily I had a good weekend online and at my local cardrooms cash game.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Four tabling is dangerous!

***** Hand History for Game *****0.5/1 OmahaHiLoGameTable (Limit)
Mon Feb 07 13:35:08 EST 2005Table Table 25429 (Real Money)

Seat 9 is the buttonTotal number of players : 9
Seat 1: stuneht ( $24.5)
Seat 2: Muppet ($25)
Seat 3: firedoctor1 ( $11)
Seat 4: Jackson37 ( $4.63)
Seat 5: motosan ( $14)
Seat 6: vjc107 ( $66.5)
Seat 7: beannie1972 ( $22.5)
Seat 8: lowerhay ( $8)Seat 9: JAG311 ( $18.75)
Seat 10: Thomas707 ( $25)
stuneht posts small blind (0.25)
Muppet posts big blind (0.5)
firedoctor1 posts big blind (0.5)
** Dealing down cards **Dealt to Muppet [ 9c, 3d, Ad, As ]
firedoctor1 checks.
Jackson37 raises (1) to 1
motosan calls (1)
vjc107 folds
beannie1972 calls (1)
lowerhay calls (1)
JAG311 folds
stuneht folds
Muppet folds. (Oops wrong button!)_
firedoctor1 calls (0.5)
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Ah, 9d, Jd ]
firedoctor1 bets (0.5)
Jackson37 raises (1) to 1motosan folds
beannie1972 calls (1)
lowerhay folds
firedoctor1 calls (0.5)

** Dealing Turn ** : [ 6c ]
firedoctor1 bets (1)
Jackson37 raises (2) to 2
beannie1972 calls (2)
firedoctor1 calls (1)

** Dealing River ** : [ Kd ]
firedoctor1 checks
Jackson37 bets (0.63)Jackson37 is all-In
beannie1972 calls (0.63)
firedoctor1 calls (0.63)
Creating Main Pot with $15.89 with Jackson37

** Summary **Main Pot: $15.89 Rake: $0.75Board: [ Ah 9d Jd 6c Kd

]stuneht balance $24.25, lost $0.25 (folded)

Muppet balance $24.5, lost $0.5 (folded) (the NUTS d'oh!)

firedoctor1 balance $6.37, lost $4.63 [ Td Jc Js 2c ] [ three of a kind, jacks -- Ah,Kd,Jc,Js,Jd ]Jackson37 balance $0, lost $4.63 [ Ks 5d Jh Ac ] [ two pairs, aces and kings -- Ac,Ah,Ks,Kd,Jd ]motosan balance $13, lost $1 (folded) vjc107 balance $66.5, didn't bet (folded)
beannie1972 balance $33.76, bet $4.63, collected $15.89, net +$11.26 [ 7c 4c Kc Kh ] [ three of a kind, kings -- Ah,Kc,Kh,Kd,Jd ]
lowerhay balance $7, lost $1 (folded)
JAG311 balance $18.75, didn't bet (folded)
Thomas707 balance $25, sits out

The only plus point is I got through the bonus requirements and won $66 (66 big bets) in a weekend worth of low limit grinding. After my disaster on VCPoker (-$135 in one session, whereupon I gave up on bonus), I am now back in profit for February and have another two bonuses in sight.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Bonuses everywhere

Looks like February will be a bonus chasing 28 days.

Loaded up on VC poker for their $150 bonus. Empire Poker has a $150 bonus starting Thursday, Paradise has a $200 bonus on Friday plus another $200 one at the end of February.

Thank f*ck for Neteller!

January was good. In the little time I played I made over $450 profit online. $190 plus courtesy of a 4th place in a Pokerstars Limit Omaha Hi/Low tourny last Monday (only played 4 events this month). A $90 loss in the 5 SNGs I played (only one 3rd spot) and $350 profit in cash games/bonuses.

I only played live twice, at the cardroom and in a "home game" (see

February will probably see only 2 or 3 live outings, and I still haven't got into a routine for online play. I will need to in order to clear these bonuses successfully!

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