Friday, April 13, 2007


Not Going anywhere

Since my last post I have got back onto the APD dialysis routine and today had my old haemo dialysis "temporary for 6 weeks" cathetar removed (after 6 months!).

So the "plan" was to get out and about. Unfortunately due to other problems I don't seem to be able to find anyone to go to Vegas with :(

I did go twice on my own in the past but that was pre-Kidney failure. Not too confident that solo travelling will be a good idea.

The positive for this is Simon C ( is going to Australia for some high faluting job with a Poker Site, jammy fish! Seeing as his comments are disabled better say well done here.

Poker has virtually ground to a halt. Played a few freerolls and made $153 profit in March online.

Football makes poker look good. Forest seem to have blown automatic promotion and now we have lost another striker to injury weclook like entering the play offs with 2 strikers with one having a dodgy temperament still possibly getting another suspension if he carries on picking up yellow cards.

So April onwards hopefully I can get to blonde pokers BB4 but even that might be out of the window.

Locally the Gala Poker Tour comes to Nottss in May so if I can get my act together I might have a punt on that with my "travel" money if I'm not going abroad..

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