Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Early Night Poker

Trundled off down to my local cardroom's first £10 NLHE "Rookie" night. 69 runners with a cap of 4 buy ins. 1000 chips per buy in. My first table was mostly newbies. An example of the standard. Newbie, first pot bets 50 with 50 (blinds 25/50). Passed on flop. Next hand he lumps 900 all in preflop and wins...err the blinds!

I get AA on the button 3rd hand and get two guys allin preflop. one has QQ the other KJ(!!?) and Ace on flop and paired up turn gets me up to 3000. I stagger around 3000-4000 during the rebuys until I get the dreaded AK suited in the bb. 4 limp so I bet 400. Unfortunately the previously mentioned newbie calls without blinking. Everyone else passes. Flop J69 rainbow. Newbie has 500 left. I bet 500. He calls straightaway. I say "You must be ahead" and he turns over 85 off suit. Before the dealer says "85 or 7 needed" up pops the 7 on the turn! King on river is irrelevant. Oh well we live and learn!

I got to end of rebuys with 2200 so added on. 3200 when the freezeout started and I had err...3300 when the final started. Blind 800/1600 and I lasted until 9th.

A good night though and getting busted at midnight meant I still had time to have my usual 2 hours of fitfull sleep.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


(Lack of rain) stops play

Not played much poker this month. A combination of factors, too hot, back to work and still waiting to start dialysis so I am still ultra tired most days.

Work have been kind enough to let me work part time while still paying me full time wages, if only for two weeks. I am due to restart dialysis on 25th July and I am hoping that it will run more smoothly than last time. One good thing I found from the company delivering my dialysis materials is that they have branches all over the world, especially the USA. This will make travel a lot easier.

Got a payment off my Health Insurance policy so my finances are in good shape, though I will not be rushing to spunk it away on poker!

Once I can get back into the mood for poker it will be back to the Sit N Goes. Until then its a watching brief.

I might be tempted by the £10 NLHE at my local casino as it has a 7.30pm start which will enable me to get back in time for work the next day!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


A riddle for you...

When is $150 not $150? When you win it in a VCPoker Freeroll.

I played the $500 added PLO8 2000 APs freeroll today and somehow managed to fluke a win!

I had left $0.00 in VCPoker and last withdrew back in February, when the exchange rate was $1.88 to £1. Now its $1.77 to £1. So in there infinite wisdom, according to VC online support my $150 is only really $141.46!

It seems I will stay on a $1.88 Xchange rate until "I take money to a table", well this was easy to do I sat in the smallest limit and left. Hopefully this will satisfy their bizarre rules.

The win (even $141) was useful as I was down for July, now I'm up a measly $60 but a wins a win!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Mr Big Balls

Started my dialysis today. What happens is I have had a cathetar fitted in my abdomen and I release fluid (a sort of glucose solution) into my perotenial cavaity. Every 4 or so hours I drain off the fluid and repeat the process. It can be dodgy as if you don't maintain a sterile area you can pick up all sorts of nasty infections.

Anyway the "training" was today. It went well and I was released from hospital at lunch time. I was feeling a bit sore when I got home but I got the shock of my life when I went for a piss. My scrotum was now the size of a cricket ball!

Some drastic googling and I found that this is often a problem with new cathetars and I rang my nurse up. After being reassured I drained off the fluid and am now having to wait another two weeks to start dialysis. Meanwhile I am walking around like John Wayne. :)

Friday, July 01, 2005


Recovery Position

Managed to scrape back some of my losses. Ended the month minus $69 online, from a gain of $350 to -$250 so I am definitely swinging around. Most of the recovery was in $100 buy in PLO. I still continue to suck in SNGs.

I spent most of Wednesday night doing what I do best, sweating two players in PartyPoker's "Latenightpokerace" semi final. Both jbsc7769 (Simon C) and Awesome Ali (Ali!) got through to the televised stage. (In)famy awaits them. It should be screened on Channel 4 in August. Good luck guys!

I was so bored yesterday I even ventured down to my local cardroom. It was a £20 rebuy PLHE affair and I tripled up early with 54 suited when the flop came 554 and I got action. I dwindled down to 1500 due to a pretty crap run of cards, no pairs abouve 5's no AK no AQ not even the dreaded AJ! I then get AK utg. I pot it and big blind has a monster stack and reraises I go allin and he has QQ. I don't catch and rebuy. this was in the "last 3 hands" stage and I ended up having 2 more and a top up in the next 3 hands!

I finished about 50th. Cash game £50 dealers choice saw me go from -£100 to +£150 then I lost two pots in a row, both where board paired up and I knew my nuts flush was dead so passed (correctly as matey boy had hit his 4 outer). This left me +£2 and it was getting to the stage where I was tired and the big losers were posting live straddles and going all in blind to try and get even. Not my idea of fun!

Interestingly, after all the fuss about the "atmosphere" there the cardroom actually banned an abusive player. The player was a right prat, drunk and nasty, funnily enough he was chipped up on the final table when he got banned so he was anted out!

Health wise I am feeling a bit better and I am hoping to be fit to go back to work on the 11th. I will continue with my efforts in PLO, though possibly not on PokerStars!

Monthly stats Online -$69
Live cash +£2
Live Tourny -£100

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