Friday, July 28, 2006


Blankety Blank

Vegas drew a big fat zero..the complete reverse of March. Can't really say I got unlucky just ran into good hands at the wrong time.

Simon C. did well, including a nice $2600+ at Caesar's Palace (Lucky I had my ITIN number for him!).

The trip there was horrible, struggling with heavy cases and a dialysis machine up 4 flights of stairs at Luton was a real ballsache.

The holiday though was great, Alladin was OK but miles better than downtown :-)

Despite losing my machine for an hour after the lift door closed ultra quickly :-( I settled in quickly.

Most days consisted of play a tourney, bust out early and watch Simon C or Justine cash in said tourny.

The WSOP is now just a corporate junket and the "good old days" of the smelly old Binions is long gone. When I first went to Vegas there were 6 or 7 places to play no every other casino has poker. How long it will last I dunno.

Best card room....Caesars. Away from Casino floor so quiet, cool and well run.

Worst...easily Paris. A shit hole and fucking noisy.

Not played since I got back(1). Hopefully will back in the saddle next week.

(1) Apart from Blondepoker tourny which don't really count!

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