Sunday, August 28, 2005


A Tale of Two Tables

Played the £325 plus one rebuy competition at my local casino Sunday night. 90 runners and a cool £41000+ in the prize pool. I drew a tough looking table. Names and faces I have seen on (RED DOG McReedy, Barry Neville, Big Bob, plus others I've seen around including a couple of total fishes.

Things started quietly for me. I built my 5000 starting chips up to 6000 and then lost a 1000 pot with TT when flop was QQJ passing to a reraise. I then got TT again just at the end of our table (as it was breaking up). Flop JT9 rainbow. I bet 500 and a loose chinese fish reraised 5000 allin. I had 2700 and called. He had J8 and of course the Q hit on the river. Rebought and moved to my new table. I kept to my pre arranged plan to "not show" and built up to 12000. This new table was a complete opposite to my starting one. Lots of weak passive play, cheap flops and checking unless they hit. I stole around 10 pots. The "no show" was messing with one guys head and I got him to call my big bet on the river with top straight with 2 pair because "I had to see what you had"...cheers!

However this was the high point and gradually as the night wore on the tiredness started and I made a few bad plays and one disastrous one. I was certainly feeling the effect of the medication I have been taking to stop me vomiting up everything I eat :-( Basically I lost the plot big style.

I had QQ in UTG +1 and raised the 400 blind to 1500. The button reraised 12000 more allin. He did this earlier with JJ but I felt I was behind and if I lost the pot I'd have 4000 left. This was a classic case of talking myself out of a play which if successful would give me 50% of the tables chips and a big chance to move up to a good position for the rest of the night, accidents notwithstanding.

Definitely a bad pass. Never saw what he had but after that I got a succesion of raggy hands until the exit hand.

I have AK and raise to 2200. The loose guy on my left reraises 5000. I call, probably too loose a call as this was the 1st time he'd popped me. He'd flat called me 3 times before. Flop T46 rainbow. Both check. Turn 8 putting diamond draw up. He bets 1000 into a 15000 pot! Hmm..I should've smelt a rat but I foolishly called. River Ace putting flush out. I bet 3000 and he re-raises me 3400 allin. Foolishly I compound all the errors I had made by calling. Of course he had TT in his hand for Trip Tens and I'm out with a rub down from him as I go...twat :-)

The way I exited shows I still need to maintain my concentration. It was a very slow clock with plenty of chips (I had enough for 20 orbits before the AK hand) so I should've played it better than a £10 rebuy competition. Lesson learnt though and nothing in the way the tourny played suggested I was totally dead money in a £300 competition. Just need to play more and get more experience.

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