Thursday, July 19, 2007


Long hot Summer

Not been much to report. I have had to give up on CAPD so its back to 3x week to hospital for dialysis. Originally it was three nights a week but got this changed to early mornings.

Played my first live poker since the smoking ban. Finishing 5/69 for £160 in a £30 freezeout. That will keep me ticking over. Smokers may be outlawed but bad play abounded, mostly overly tight. The end of the tourney was crapshootastic with the final having a 35k average and playing 10 hands of 3k/6k then a level of 4k/8k. I started final 10/10 with 22k yoy'd as high as 55k before losing a race with 99 vs QJ (who limped utg) then instacalled his remaining chips when I raised it up in the sb.

I ended up in 12k bb with 19k left behind with 69 suited c/l raised allin with AT 9 on flop T on turn....

Hopefully will play a bit more online when my new PC arrives 30 July as current one is almost dead.

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