Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Still alive...

Just not played much poker.

Which is a strange prperation for a 4 night jaunt to Las Vegas.

Flying out on Sunday March 2nd, had loads of stick from doctors as I will not be dialysing whilst there. I figure I can maintain my weight and I don't retain much fluid so I believe I will be OK.

I am staying at Planet Hollywood, which was Alladin last time I went.

My plan is lounging around the pool in the day as I am now free of embarassing tubes in my stomach or chest so got to get my body in shape :) and a few donkaments in the evening.

I might even break the habit of a lifetime and go see a show whilst there.

My Party challenge has stuttered and ny balance has dwindled to $131, still its all free money so can't moan.

Next post will hopefully be Vegas trip report.

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