Thursday, March 16, 2006


So close I can taste it

Vegas is so close now I can hardly sleep with anticipation.

This will be my 4th visit, but the first time I have flown direct and my first foreign trip while dialysising (if thats a word!).

Its been nearly two years since I last hit Vegas, WSOP 2004 to be precise. A lot has changed with the poker boom in full swing I am salivating at trying out the new poker rooms, plus I am committing myself to do some "touristy" things for once.

Myself and "OldKingCole" are staying downtown but most of our poker will be on strip and at the Orleans. I think for cash it will mostly be Limit O8 and a few NLHE freezouts or limited rebuy events.

I am just hoping my online lack of form is a temporary blip. After a good January I have slipped back in Feb and March and currently am a incredible +$78 for 2006. I've not played much since a dramatic 50 big bets loss on UB at O8, but tiredness and being busy is the main cause of that.

I hopefully will have plenty to report when I get back in April

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