Friday, October 12, 2007


Alea Casino First Poker Tourny report

Managed to play this £50 +£5 with one rebuy £50 event recently.

The casino is very plush, just down the road from the Gala (Notts) but a million miles away in terms of niceness, including some very nice valets.

Myself and Derek (Oldkingcole) signed up on Saturday night. Luckily as it sold out before the day of the event.

4000 chips to start and 45 minutes x 2 levels to rebuy then 30 minute levels.

Some observations:

Sold out (99 runners) because of added £2000 and newness. Following week saw 28 runners. Luckily casino will add £500 to pool if 30 or more runners. I can see this being a once a month event for me.

Dealers were variable. My first table the girl had never dealt a poker event but we treated her well and she gained confidence.

Tables. Kidney style but with no proper felt so very hard to lift cards up. Promised this was being looked into.

Chips. Maybe UK casinos should get together and standardise chip colours as well as rules?

Players. A lot of the "usual suspects" from the midlands. Mostly played in a good spirit.

Performance 25th JJ vs KQ. Knowing my history with JJ I knew I was losing the race.

Would I go again?
Yes, but if they can put on a freezeout in the week too might try that as £105 per week is a bit rich for my bankroll.


Well it is a Freeroll :)

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