Monday, January 01, 2007


End of the year

Managed to finish 2006 down overall $111. Already -$98 for 2007.

Xmas was unusual, managing to fall down the stairs at home capped it really. Amazingly I broke no bones just a lot of bruises.

Forest seem to have decided to suddenly start to lose where they were drawing and draw where they were winning, at least it will lead to an "interesting" end to the season.

Health wise I have to go back in for another operation in early 2007 as the tube they fitted in December is not working, despite several attempts to get it going including pumping me full of laxatives so I spent one day just shitting :-(.

Once the operation gets sorted out I can boom my LV (orLA) holiday.

I'm looking to update the blog more regularly but heh thats one resolution I might break :-)

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