Monday, January 16, 2006


Bonus Whoring the lazy way

Well my good run ended last night, -$100 over 380 hands at 2/4 Limit O8 with a bit of 3/6 towards the end. Luckily I cleared an old bonus for $120 during the run so I continue to be ahead.

I seem to have accumulated a whole bunch of uncleared bonus:

$510 at PokerStars
$430 at Paradise
$100 at Bodog
and a sick
$3469 at Ultimate Bet.

Time to get busy I guess :-)

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Tempting Fate

By posting how well I'm running I am probably risking it all going tits up...

Since 1st January I have been playing mostly full ring Limit Omaha Hi/Lo $2/$4 (Only played 1 SNG a quick session of Badugi and a $1?!?! tourny). I have mostly been playing between 7pm and 9pm UK time but not necessarily every day or for the full two hours. Racked up a, credible for me, +$268. The worst I have run is -$30 in the first 20 hands on a table but generally I have left ahead. The games on the site I have played at have generally been juicy, though I noticed theres less action the last 3 days with more 6 handed being run a format I'm not too great at but even there I've been paid off on so many hands its unreal.

Of course this run will stop but as I've avoided the temptation to play PLO8 a drought will cost me a few big bets not a few stacks. I think I've also been more disciplined and folding more marginal flopped hands (unlike my foes!).

Also work has been taking up more time so I have not been keen to play loads of tournys as I don't think I have the stamina. I also don't feel like grinding out the SNGs at the moment so I've changed my new year resolution (well they are meant to be broken).

My next post will probably be "ouch lost the lot!" :-)

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Football Stuff

My ante post bets are looking a bit sick.

Granted Leeds are 3rd so in the "place" spot for my Championship bet and Oldham are 4 points off 3rd in League One, but Ipswich Gillingham (?!?) Barnet and Lincoln look stuffed.

Yesterday was the FA Cup 3rd Round and for the first time since before I was born Forest did not feature. Shows how far we have fallen.

How the game has changed has been seen in that all the Premiership teams were drawn against lower league opposition and only Fulham (A fucking joke to be in the Premiership IMHO) have been ousted, though as I write Nigel Clough's Burton are giving Man Yoo a good run for their money.

Work wise I start my new job on Monday. 8 weeks of training, one week of work then its Vegas baby Vegas :)

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