Saturday, April 30, 2005


Down & Out

Well thats it, Forest are relegated. Lost 2-1 today and Brighton won (making our performance irrelevant!).

Dreadful season is now drawing to a close. The only silver lining was I had a couple of bets on todays games and courtesy of a 90th minute goal by Sheffield wednesday I have most of next seasons season ticket paid for. I'm a glutton for punishment! That said I won't be going next Sunday to see our last home game of the season. Will be at home hoping Ipswich can catch Wigan (and hopefully send Brighton down) and fingers crossed Derby miss out on the play offs.


It's oh so quiet....

April has been a very quiet month poker-wise. No live play and about 20 hours clocked up on internet cash action. I played a few "fun" sng's with Simon C. (JBSC7769) on PokerStars and absolutely no tournies on-line.

I have definitely spent more time in hospital, travelling to hospital and waiting in hospitals! Things seem to be progressing slowly on the kidneys. Generally I still am knackerred all the time but cannot get a good night's sleep and the time when I start dialysis is approaching quickly.

I was thinking of going to the local cardroom's tourny on 1st May but I understand it's going to be a £200 PLHE rebuy event. As it will start late and end up as a chip count at 5 am I'm not too bothered about missing it. I may go for the cash game after midnight if I'm still unable to get to sleep.

Anyway my stats for April are quite good considering I played so little: +$348, mostly from a good run at $2/$4 short handed LO8 on Pokerstars plus the usual good tmes on PartyPoker.

Heres hoping I can get about more in May.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Dire here

Well, Forest won today so we are still hanging on to our Championship status by our fingernails.

The game was generally awful and if our opponents (Burnley) had something to play for I guess we would be dead and buried now. At best the show goes on for our trip to QPR next Saturday and if we win there it possibly is down to our last game vs Gillingham who are one of only 3 sides we can overtake now....

Sunday, April 17, 2005


Digging Holes

I seem to have spent the last few days getting deep into trouble in Limit Omaha 8 or better ring games and then getting out in spectacular fashion. If only I could lessen the downswings!

First I went 40 big bets down on Empire doing their bonus. Luckily this was at $1.00/$0.50 limit so not much harm to the bankroll. I got out of it and cleared the $150 bonus with only a $3 downside. I then sat in on PokerStars $3/$6 and proceeded to go down $200 and then after working it up to -$120 and sticking there for 30 minutes hit a rush up to +$4.

Today I sat in on the $3/$6 6 handed on PokerStars. Wow this was rough. -$200 in 30 minutes then over the next hour I went up $335 to leave +$135. Edging closer to the $120 bonus there. What little hair I had is even greyer!

Talking of digging holes, Forest lost yesterday and it looks as it will be a fresh start in League One (The old third division) next season.

Healthwise I am recovering from a severe case of anaemia and look on course to start kidney dialysis "soon". You gotta love the NHS waiting list!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Fat Lady clears her throat

Forest are looking doomed. after Saturday's miserable showing against Plymouth we are now 6 points adrift with 5 games to go. Our goal difference is so poor it really is 7 points adrift. We need to do something we haven't done all season, win 3 games in a row!

Tonight is versus Sheffield Utd, a side we rarely beat. I shall not be there. More due to a stinking cold and I think me coughing up phlegmn all night might not go down well.

Shall probably play some poker and watch the Champions league on TV.

Talking of TV, there is a new Poker Channel. Unfortunately channel 425 is only on SKY. My NTL channel 425 is Glasgow Rangers TV! (Can't imagine who would want to watch that).

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