Wednesday, November 16, 2005


About Bloody Time!

Finally, 8 months after the diagnosis and 4 and 1/2 months after I was supposed to I finally started dialysis today. It didn't start smoothly as I had a blockage in my tube, but it was soon fixed. No leaks so far so hopefully I am back on the road to recovery (of sorts)....

Thursday, November 03, 2005


How to misplay Kings

I'm in seat 4, £1/£1 blinds NLHE.

Seat 6 has made it "£8 blind" pre deal so there are £1 +£1 blinds £2 straddle and £4 straddle in the pot as well.
The action goes:
Seat 7 Limp call £7 (£1 blind) He has £300 behind and is a loose aggressive but good player
Seat 8 Limp call £6 (£2 blind) He has £35 behind and is a total fish
Seat 1 Limp call £8 He has £150 behind and is even tighter than me
Seat 2 Limp call £8 He has £25 behind Fish #2
Seat 3 Limp call £8 He has £80 behind So fishy he has gills
Me Seat 4 I have £190 and look down to see Kc Ks
Seat 5 still to act has around £50 and made it £4 blind
Seat 6 still to act and has £200 and is quite good and can make big laydowns.
Pot size now £60 before I bet. How much do you bet?

I bet £18, which was "weak" but read as strong by the astute players, the fish of course called as they had two cards in their hand.

Flop came 567 two spades. The rest of the money goes in £22 and £12 for the two fishes. Surprisingly Fish #2 had AsKd and Fish #1 had Jh9d. 5 spades turn but killer 8 hearts river so mr J9 hits his straight. I was still £50 ahead after this hand but cashed out as I felt I might tilt the rest off. By time I got back to the room Fishy Mr J9 had lost all those chips to the guy who took my seat. Now thats a bad beat! :)

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