Wednesday, May 23, 2007


That was the week that was.....

Well a lots happened in the 9 days since my last post.

On the Tuesday I went in for more tests, with a negative diagnosis I was expecting to be told I would have to wait 4 weeks plus for an operation. By 7 am Wednesday I was in my hospital bed waiting to go under the knife.

The intention was to reposition my CAPD tube as it wasn't working. However, when they opened me up they found part of my stomach lining had snagged the tube plus I had a hernia (which explains the intense pain which the doctor couldn't diagnose on the Tuesday!).

I was discharged on the Thursday at 3 pm but by 3.30 pm they wanted me back in as my blood results were poor. As I had two Forest tickets for the following night and my mate lives many miles away I had to sort that out.

So, I had more tests over the weekend missing the Forest game (watched it on SKY). The less said about the game the better. We got what we deserved,,,nothing.

As of today I've not dialysed for 15 days and have more tests on Thursday.

All this means I've played little poker since the last update so bankroll still intact!

Monday, May 14, 2007


Que Sera Sera

Well, Forest have limped into the play off reckoning after starting the season so well we fell apart in between December and February.

We, i think got the easier draw with two games vs Yeovil thereby avoiding Oldham (0-7 this season) and Blackpool (who are the hot side in Division three).

We got off to a great start last Friday with a 2-0 away win. Just need to avoid the temptation to sit back in the return leg on Friday night.

In other news, I won a 4 x$100 entries on in their Blondepoker draw. Luckily a mate played these for me and got one cash $250 (50/50 split).

I also played my first live poker in the UK for over 18 months at the G Casino Luton as part of Blonde Bash 4.

The cardroom at the G casino is non smoking, but with the rest of the casino not this meant you still ingested a lot of poison. 2nd in a few SNGS and meeting up with some blondeites from the Notts area made for a pleasant weekend, however my health was suffering and I can't say I was unhappy to get back home.

I also played a £20 rebuy PLHE at Notts Gala. Now this was smoky!

Healthwise, things are in a bad way. I haven't been able to dialyse since Tuesday last week. Been in and out of hospital for x rays, blood tests etc. Tommorrow I have one last test. If my tube still doesn't work its back under the knife.

This won't be treated as an emergency so it will be back onto Haemo dialysis and all the joy that was.

Whatever happens tommorrow, I need to get my appetite back as I've hardly ate anything in 10 days.

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