Saturday, February 18, 2006


Happy Days

On many fronts

1. Megson finally resigns as Forest boss. Pity it took him until he had dragged us close to relegation to the old Fourth Division.

2. Finished January ahead online to the tune of $320. Not played live yet.

3. Went into hospital for tests to go on a different form of CAPD dialysis called APD. The difference is I get hooked up to a machine and the dialysis is done while I sleep so it gives me a bit more freedom. I was told the waiting list for machines was up to a year. Well, I got one last week and will start using it up next week after two days of training. Its quite a sophisticated piece of kit, links up to the hospital by modem and is about the size of 3 VCRs stuck together.

4. Vegas is getting closer. I am even starting to look up the tourney schedules in Cardplayer to work out how quikly to spunk my money away.

5. Even the job is going well. I'm out of my training course and working on real cases. 11 years in the Inland Revenue seems just a bad memory now.

I might even be more proficient in updating my blog :-)

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