Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Vegas Baby Vegas

Took the plunge and booked 9 nights in Vegas for 21st-30th March 2006. Relative luxury of a direct flight and a downtown hotel for my suitcases. Getting travel insurance was stupidly easy despite my medical condition and was cheaper than my previous annual policy. How sick is that!?

I've reached the end of the year online (Year actually ended mid November), with a final +$1200 for the year. Considering how little I played I'm pleased with any profit. My SNG stats are poor but my MTTs and cash game/bonus whoring kept me out of the red.

A few days with my relatives then back onto the online poker rollercoaster on January 2nd.

My targets for 2006?

To get through the year without falling ill

To get my SNG game back on track

To win a $100 or higher buy in comp online

To play a few more £300 or higher live tournies and cash in them

To win a seat in a big event i.e WSOP/WPT Aruba or PCA etc

Have a good Xmas and a great 2006

Friday, December 02, 2005


The On Off Holiday

After I started dialysis I decided to look into booking a trip to the USA. I have to give the hospital notice to deliver my supplies. A trip to the LA Poker Classic looked likely, mid January 2006.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I just heard I have been promoted in my job and start a 6 week training course in January.

Holiday on ice now, possibly a trip to Las Vegas in March hopefully in time for the WPT final (as a spectator not a player, $25K a bit pricy!).

More poker in my next post, 2005 updated and 2006 goals

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