Tuesday, October 25, 2005


No gain no pain

Or is it the other way round? The hospital visit went relatively smoothly if you consider the following. When I got there I had no bed, literally a corner of a room with a chair. A bed was wheeled eventually closely followed by a important looking fella demanding to know"where I got the bed from". The bed fairy was my first answer. Anyway I bluffed him by saying I'm not getting off this bed at any cost and he folded in a huff. I then had the worst nights sleep (or lack of) for a few months. Not just because I was worried and nil by mouth made me desperate for a drink (I normally quaff a pint of water between sleep and getting up) but because of one patient who was shouting "nurse" every 30 seconds from 11pm until I left on Wednesday afternoon. Nothing wrong with her apart from a need to be waited on hand and foot!

The operation went smoothly and they let me go home in the afternoon. The pain is quite intense though, despite the painkillers and I'm off work until 7th November. Time to get some online poker in.

Got onto Blue Square and set up my account. Surprised to find I had £22 in my BSq sportsbook account so started on the micro blind PLO8.

Apart from that I played the PokerStars blogger tourny and managed to call off all my hard earned chips with AK on a board of JJ7A vs a foe with 77. Oops! That after recovering from 300 chips in level 2 up to 6000 just after the break.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


A Load Of Balls

...not the football, a nice 2-0 win over Hartlepool (the glamour of football in League 1). But a rather surreal experience as up until yesterday Forest had a system of ball boys and multi balls so play was kept flowing. Amazingly the manager of Tranmere complained about this so now theres one ball no ball boys and the poor overpaid sods (players) have to go and fetch the ball. Took about 5 minutes off the game. Progress I guess.

It was an odd day as well, 20 degrees Cent before KO and a quick change to fog/mist meant it was about 6 degrees by full time. Global warming and the ice age in one afternoon.

Health wise unless they cancel again, Wednesday is operation day and dialysis will start mid November. Seeing as I was supposed to start in July and am still walking around semi normally in October I wonder whether the quacks panicked back in June. We shall see.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Mini Break

Only played 20 minutes of poker since getting back from Walsall. 10 days now and I don't really miss it. Was a bit fluey after Walsall and just can't be arsed to log on to 'Stars or Party at the moment. Been keeping updated on the forums and blogs but hopefully I will be back to the game after the op. This has now been rearranged for 19th October after being cancelled last time. Fingers crossed they won't cancel again.

Whilst the op won't immediately change much it will bring dialysis closer and hopefully I will be fitter than I am!

In the meantime I am reading (just got a few new books, Harrington vols 1 & 2, Ace on the River, Suicide king, Moneymakers biog), so that will feed my addiction :-)

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