Thursday, October 12, 2006


A Turn For The Worse

No poker in this post so all you fans looking for great insights move on to Andy Ward's blog :-)

Saturday 30 September was the start of a really bleak time. As regular readers will know I suffered kidney failure last year and I have been on dialysis since last November.

I do a form of dialysis called APD which basically uses my peritonial sac as a form of "kidney" by pumping dialysis fluid in over night and draining it off and refilling during the night. This has been working well and I even have been to Vegas twice using my machine.

Saturday seemed like any normal day, I was due to meet a mate to go see Forest play Swansea. Around 11 am I started to develop bad pains in my stomach, eventually i had to lie down as moving caused sharp stabbing pains. I cancelled the footy trip and retired to bed. It seemed to get better but overnight Saturday the dialysis was painful. Sunday was more pain and fluid was no longer coming out during dialysis.

I went in to see my nurse on Monday morning and was diagnosed with peritonitis. My fluid was now like sludge. I was given antibiotics and painkillers and on Tuesday and Wednesday things improved slightly. Even so I was completely without appetite and survived on water and toast.

Thursday was the turning point. I woke up feeling queasy and promptly threw up all over the bathroom floor. I tried to sleep it off but the pain got worse and several vomitting sessions later I was rushed into hospital.

In agonising pain I had to wait 3 hours to be seen and after being examined and admitted I was violently sick again.

The next morning the Doctor broke the news. My peritonitis was so severe I needed to have my dialysis tube removed.

So instead of seeing Forest get tonked 4-0 on Saturday I was under the knife.

The alternative to my APD is Haemo dialysis which I have been told will need to be done three times a week until I have to tube refittted (another op) in late November/early December. I had planned to go to Slovenia for a poker holiday but that will have to be shelved now.

I had a line fitted for this which was quite painful even if I did have a local anaethestic.

With some time off work I might get round to doing that Vegas report!

So I am now back home sore and tired.

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