Sunday, December 03, 2006


Stitched Up

The operation went Ok. With it being a day surgery jobbie I was there at 7.30 am, undressed and ready by 8 am seen at 11 am and home for 2 pm :-)

The Forest game the Saturday before was a bit of a nightmare as I managed to bring my mates season ticket from the previous season with me and only realised my faux pa when I got to the turnstile. Luckily I got a replacement ticket from the ticket office and only missed the first 10 minutes (including Milwall's goal) and the Trees went on to a 3-1 win which was a relief.

Poker took another hit and I am now -$100 for 2006, first losing year since 2002.

I've taken a broom to my accounts if thats the right similie (or is it metaphor?). I've closed my Ladbrokes account (not played on it since 2004), and my Sporting Odds account as they are due to merge/collapse into Paradise Poker. Mansion have joined the former sites list after fcuking me about with needing photo id. Never any decent O8 there anyway. Littlewoods took the £3.50 I managed to have left there without telling me so they are on the list too.

Most of my dwindling 'roll is now on Tribeca, Stars, FTP and UB with a small bonus chasing amount on Bodog.

I just need to decide whether I should ditch cash and try the SNG grind with a few MTTs to get me back in the black.

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