Monday, March 12, 2007



Well the operation went ok but the last week has been Victor Meldrewesque in its insanity.

Tuesday my dialysis never got going and i had to finish it after 1 hour without taking any fluid off. Thursday my next session went OK but I was so bloated and unwell I couldn't trust myself to play for real money.

All week Blue square decided to fcuk me around with their transfer to Playtech software.

Eventually I got my money back into my account.

Played a bit of PLO8 sng at weekend so currently up $50 in March from 1 days play.

All week been feeling sore and a bit of a temperature.

Well today put the cap on it. I go to get my dressing changed.

Nurse removes the dressing to reveal a nice scab on my exit site and its red raw too.

She decides to swab the scab in case I have a nasty bug and as she rubs the scab a long black hair pops up. Now bear in mind I am a greying ex blonde and my surgeon has long black hair, put 2 and 2 together and guess why I have an infection. An experiment for you; Slice a hole in your guts put a hair on it and seal with a plaster. Take it off a week later and see how much pus you will have seeping from it.

So yet another day in our wonderful NHS. Marvellous!

And don't mention the football :(

Friday, March 02, 2007


Crawling back to happiness

February overall was -$190 with -$175 from SNGs.

I only played for 14 out of 28 days so failed to get the silver star status.

-$175 is only 5 buy ins at the $35 Turbos so not really too much to worry about as I was -$600 in mid Feb so I am crawling back into the black.

Health wise my operation is going ahead on 5th March so hopefully it will work and I will be back on CAPD and have a bit more freedom to go to the USA Europe etc.

March poker wise will be more SNGs hopefully with a profit at the end of it :)

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