Sunday, August 10, 2008


6 monthly revisit :)

I am such a lazy sod!

Vegas was great had lots of fun and wins playing cash mostly $2/$5 NLHE at Caesers.

I played about 6 tournies closest I got was FT bubble in a PLO at Caesers.

Weather was nice and I got sun stroke first day as I fell asleep 11am by the PH pool and woke up a very red simon. Despite not dialysing over there my health was good and I came back to UK refreshed.

Played very little poker since, a few tournies at DtD which is a great venue.

I like the new changes to get rid of rebuys and I am hoping to play a bit more.

I have another Vegas jaunt booked for December and 'cos of the length have two dialysis sessions booked at a ball busting cost of $1040...

A few poker things have pissed me off. I think the whole M3Boy saga on Blondepoker got out of hand and I am still not sure if the software "bug" he found has been resolved. I still play there tho' ands wish I could get a run together on it.

DtD not liking criticism and banning Mick McCool seemed to me a bit OTT. There were certain facets of DtD which caused me to cringe when I bought my poker buddy Derek (OldKingCole) up the other weekend. Such as drunks, boorish table behaviour and the usual live poker crap.

Overall tho' I prefer the place to the Gala in Notts, just not convinced "life" bans are FTW.

I'll try and update a bit more often...

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