Monday, August 01, 2005


Not a Lot Going On

My cumulative stats for 2005 do not show much change over previous months apart from a dip in live cash after a disastrous session last month. (Mainly a big pot (£600) with nut straight and a redraw to nut flush managed to get a guy allin on the turn with him drawing to the non nut flush and needing a Jack to beat my straight, you can guess the rest!)

Live Tournies:

12 played
3 cashes
£1375 in buy ins
£2570 in cashes

£1195 profit

Live Cash

8 sessions

£1365 in sit ins
£1279 cash outs
£86 loss


25 Played
5 Cashed
$271.50 buy ins
$588.17 cashed
$316.67 Profit

54 Played
15 Cashed
$525.75 buy ins
$260.50 Cashed
$265.25 loss

Overall online $1226 profit (cash games, bonuses etc).

I seem to be disproving the theory that STTs are lower variance than MTTs. Though of course my sample size is definitely less than most play in a week!

August will probably see me trying to spin up some satellites on PokerStars for their WCOOP

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