Monday, December 15, 2008


Las Vegas December 2008 Trip report

Had a good visit to Vegas.

Stayed at Imperial Palace, which was on the flight path from the airport so was a bit noisy in the AM when trying to kip but was overall passable.

The trip out there was trouble free, though one tip I got was to book a airport hotel at the North Terminal and use the monorail as my South side hotel was a £11.50 taxi ride away.

As I arrived at room 4pm local time (midnight UK) I decided to sleep through rather than play tired.

I had planned pre-trip not to play donkaments so the first thing I did was sign up for the 10 am Planet Hollywood Tourny!

I got 6th spot for a nice $43 profit and after lunch went to play $1/$2 NLHE at Flamingo.

This was fun, starting with AA first hand managing to get me $100 ahead in 5 minutes. I trod water for a while then got KK in the big blind. UTG made it $8, got 4 callers so I bumped it to $33 got UTG man to call. Flop 664 two spades (I had KsKc) I bet $50, snap called. Turn 8s so flush out I check he bets $100 I called after long think. River 3s I bet allin $197 and he snaps with Qs9s so I got lucky :)

This got me to around $500. Lost some back while Q9 man pulled up $300 and got his stack up to $450 by some crazy bluffs.

Next big pot I get JJ on button. I raise to $12 and Q9 man calls. Flop J92 rainbow. I bet $25 he calls. Turn K I bet $100 he snaps! (Has he got QT?) river 5, he checks and I'm allin for $200ish. He snaps I say trips and he instamucks and storms off. This gets me up to $950 which drifts back to $880 by the time I quit so over $700 up first full day.

Tuesday was dialysis day, quite a depressing experience. I was one of the few patients with all limbs intact and was one of two white folks there. Being English was a novelty for the staff who asked me if Amsterdam was in England. I also told one I was from Nottingham, she said I love Nottingham, especially Hugh Grant (Notting Hill??). Very clean compared to UK and will have to use them when I go next year.

I felt wasted after the session (as well as $1020 worse off after paying for both sessions). Thus I didnt play any poker until Wednesday.

On Wednesday I went back to Flamingo. I won a $117 high hand bonus with quad 2s but over 5 hours won $7! I also played at Caesars Palace but only 1 cash game and a 25 runner tourny which I busted with JJ in bb vs AA called down by sb.

Thursday I went downtown, Binions was a lot cleaner than before and had new flooring, new table felts but no cash players. After a trip to Gambler's bookstore to stock up I went back to the Orleans as there was a $80 Limit O8 tourny, I managed to finish 12/70 but a stark reminder of why I should avoid tournies, a sick 22% juice.

Friday was dialysis #2. Rinse and repeat from Tuesday.

Saturday was my last full day and Flamingo was frustrating. Could never get going and dropped $378 in about 6 hours.

Overall made just over $100 playing poker, cash games were quite soft and next year's trip (hopefully June 09) will have to be cash only. Would've been closer to $300 plus more cash time might have established if I could beat the games. Flamingo had a $300 max buy in so made it better game than some on the Strip.


I am not playing the Blogger Tournaments

Got the bums rush from 'Stars as I have obviously not updated this blog often enough.

Boo fucking hoo!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holiday Time

Only 7 days to go until I'm in Las Vegas (naturally) again. I've complied with the NHS and organised dialysis while there, $510 a pop (didn't pay for it in June...sigh add 20% to bill!).

NHS tried best to throw spanners in the works by "forgetting" to send paperwork until I told them if they didn't I would still go but not dialyse whilst there and hey presto! it gets done.

Plan is to relax day time by the pool or on excursions and cash poker at night. I think the donkaments are too fast and too highly juiced to be a profitable way of spending my poker time.

Online not much going on. I've got rakeback with FTP after asking for it 3 months ago, but not playing much cash or tournies.

Live I've staked a few players with mixed results, the best being Simon Trumper who has spun his stake into the late three figures, paying for the trip to LV (almost).

If everything goes OK I have a week booked for June 2009, hopefully WSOP will be on then too...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


6 monthly revisit :)

I am such a lazy sod!

Vegas was great had lots of fun and wins playing cash mostly $2/$5 NLHE at Caesers.

I played about 6 tournies closest I got was FT bubble in a PLO at Caesers.

Weather was nice and I got sun stroke first day as I fell asleep 11am by the PH pool and woke up a very red simon. Despite not dialysing over there my health was good and I came back to UK refreshed.

Played very little poker since, a few tournies at DtD which is a great venue.

I like the new changes to get rid of rebuys and I am hoping to play a bit more.

I have another Vegas jaunt booked for December and 'cos of the length have two dialysis sessions booked at a ball busting cost of $1040...

A few poker things have pissed me off. I think the whole M3Boy saga on Blondepoker got out of hand and I am still not sure if the software "bug" he found has been resolved. I still play there tho' ands wish I could get a run together on it.

DtD not liking criticism and banning Mick McCool seemed to me a bit OTT. There were certain facets of DtD which caused me to cringe when I bought my poker buddy Derek (OldKingCole) up the other weekend. Such as drunks, boorish table behaviour and the usual live poker crap.

Overall tho' I prefer the place to the Gala in Notts, just not convinced "life" bans are FTW.

I'll try and update a bit more often...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Still alive...

Just not played much poker.

Which is a strange prperation for a 4 night jaunt to Las Vegas.

Flying out on Sunday March 2nd, had loads of stick from doctors as I will not be dialysing whilst there. I figure I can maintain my weight and I don't retain much fluid so I believe I will be OK.

I am staying at Planet Hollywood, which was Alladin last time I went.

My plan is lounging around the pool in the day as I am now free of embarassing tubes in my stomach or chest so got to get my body in shape :) and a few donkaments in the evening.

I might even break the habit of a lifetime and go see a show whilst there.

My Party challenge has stuttered and ny balance has dwindled to $131, still its all free money so can't moan.

Next post will hopefully be Vegas trip report.

Monday, December 31, 2007


Another Year Over

2007 was a bit of a non event poker wise.

Live played 5 tournies cashed once and lost £90 overall.

Online dropped over $700 during year. This was -$1000 until recently when I gave up on donkaments and SNGs and put my efforts into cash mostly PLO8 full ring.

Plus points online are my Party Poker expolits. The $25 free money is now $207 and 2008 will see an effort to keep building this. Betfair also saw a free bet of £5 now be £96 thru sports bets and a bit of poker.

Health wise another year of running to stand still. Still awaiting a transplant and now resigned to haemo dialysis.

I am determined to do a Vegas trip even if I forego dialysis out there. I went 28 days this year without it after CAPD failed. 7 days might be my limit though.

2008 should also be when my legal action against the NHS Trust reaches some sort of decision.

Have a happy and wealthy 2008!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Stitched Up.

Well the plan was to play the £100 freezeout at Dusk Til Dawn this weekend as part of their opening weekend.

I had my invite, £110 and a freshly ironed set of clothes ready for action.

Unfortunately my dialysis got in the way. The exit site to my temporary line was gunged up on Saturday and by midday Sunday I was running a temperature and feeling like shit.

Today they took the line out and sent bits of it off for analysis as I defintely have a bug.

Online I have withdrawn most of my cash and apart from what follows haven't played much.

I got a letter from Partypoker as I had deleted client some months ago. $25 was in my account and if I could clear 150 points in one month it was mine.

I have spun it up to $110 so far playing $25 buy in PLO8. Only a bit of fun and I would normally put my online roll all on one table but the players are truely awful so even I can beat them.

Hoping to get to DtD next week and would love to get into a routine of weekly vists.

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