Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Stitched Up.

Well the plan was to play the £100 freezeout at Dusk Til Dawn this weekend as part of their opening weekend.

I had my invite, £110 and a freshly ironed set of clothes ready for action.

Unfortunately my dialysis got in the way. The exit site to my temporary line was gunged up on Saturday and by midday Sunday I was running a temperature and feeling like shit.

Today they took the line out and sent bits of it off for analysis as I defintely have a bug.

Online I have withdrawn most of my cash and apart from what follows haven't played much.

I got a letter from Partypoker as I had deleted client some months ago. $25 was in my account and if I could clear 150 points in one month it was mine.

I have spun it up to $110 so far playing $25 buy in PLO8. Only a bit of fun and I would normally put my online roll all on one table but the players are truely awful so even I can beat them.

Hoping to get to DtD next week and would love to get into a routine of weekly vists.

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