Sunday, November 23, 2008


Holiday Time

Only 7 days to go until I'm in Las Vegas (naturally) again. I've complied with the NHS and organised dialysis while there, $510 a pop (didn't pay for it in June...sigh add 20% to bill!).

NHS tried best to throw spanners in the works by "forgetting" to send paperwork until I told them if they didn't I would still go but not dialyse whilst there and hey presto! it gets done.

Plan is to relax day time by the pool or on excursions and cash poker at night. I think the donkaments are too fast and too highly juiced to be a profitable way of spending my poker time.

Online not much going on. I've got rakeback with FTP after asking for it 3 months ago, but not playing much cash or tournies.

Live I've staked a few players with mixed results, the best being Simon Trumper who has spun his stake into the late three figures, paying for the trip to LV (almost).

If everything goes OK I have a week booked for June 2009, hopefully WSOP will be on then too...

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