Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Crazy Weekend part two

After my second late night I got up late had breakfast and then back to sleep whilst OldKingcole went off to an antiques fair. Got back to the casino at 3.45 to find the 4pm £10 was starting at 4.30 so missed the chance for more sleep :-)

Dealt the table I was on again and only won one pot in the rebuy period. Moved to a new table and busted in my first hand! Got back to the hotel via the M6 due to Cole missing the exit turn, teach me to be giving him a bad beat story, distracted him.

Ate dinner and straight back for the final tourny a £25 PLHE one with a £6000 guaranteed pool. Dealers provided which meant my tiredness was more pronounced as I had less to concentrate on. 69 players meaning one table was away from the main card room. This had a negative effect as the rebuys had to literally shouted for and I managed to run TPTK into trips twice. I rebought 3 times and decided £100 plus reg was enough. Dwindled to 1200 and moved tables. Got K4 in blind on new table. Flop K83 rainbow. sb goes pot I reraise and he calls with 82! King on turn and I double up. Rebuys end and I am on 2100 out of 200000 in play. Guarantee isn't breached. I get up to 4000 with a few steals (uncalled) and move table. My new table has loads of chips on it and I soon get a nice pot with 55. I limp late position as "The Mad Turk" limps UTG. Flop A57 "Mad Turk" bets 1500 I raise to 3000 and he goes all in. I call and he shows A8 7 turn blank river and I'm back in the game. I get QQ and reraise a button raise and he lays down AT. I eventually get up to 25000, but then go really card dead and by the time we get to the final I have 5800 with 1600/800 blinds.

3rd final table hand I get AA. UTG bets pot (5600) I reraise to 5800 allin. He calls with KJ Flop QT2...I'm praying not to make trips :-) and two blanks get me up above 13000. In the bb antes 1000/2000 I get KK. SB limps I bet 4000 He reraises me . I go allin and he calls flipping over QQ. Flop comes 234 turn 5....2 on river..phew. This puts me up to 30000 and players are steadily dropping. 5th pays £240, 4th £450 3rd £800+ 2nd £1100+ £2400 first. I am on 16500 and get TT on the button. I bet 11500 (pot) and bb is allin for 5500 more I call my last 5500 and he flips over AK. Flop TJ2 he misses his Queen outs and I am on 34500. The chip leader has around 90000 2nd has 60000 3rd 50000+ and I trail with 34.5K. The chip leader proposes a deal and after some huffing and puffing I accept £750 which is a bit more than my equity. Connsidering the blinds were now 4000/2000 and I had two greeks among my foes I was glad to bank a pay day. After tips and % swaps this left me up a nice sum for the weekend.

Overall I would give Walsall 7/10. The negatives were small things like ineffective non-smoking rules, some poor dealers, starting times being a bit sloppy. Plus two times in satellites we came back to find chips had been stolen from stacks. On the plus side the structure in the main event was good. Food and drink OK and not many twats in the poker room. Generally a good atmosphere.

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