Thursday, May 05, 2005


The (Second) Nuts of May

Not a good start to the month. dropped $70+ on Sunday at $2/$4 Limit O8 and another $140+ on Monday in the same game. Got a $120 bonus from PokerStars but the losses combined with a $27.50 entry into the forum tourny leaves me minus $130 already.

The O8 was on initial inspection a good game with some poor players chasing thin outs. Unfortunately they hit too many times and i also had some fatal second nuts. One example I have 2345 in the blinds Flop AA3, turn 3 river 3. My foe had AA. That multiway pot cost me a lot!

I tried my luck in the Hendonmob forum tourny. $25 plus $2.50 NLHE. 2500 chips a slow clock and $500 added by the site. I started slowly then hit paydirt with JJ. Flop 9J4 two spades. turn 4 of spades. My one foe bet minimum and I called. River K spades. Now the only hands beating me are KK 44 or QT spades for a straight flush. Foe bets 300 I raise to 600 and he goes allin for 1500 more! I call and he shows red QT. Four spades on the board plus a paired board and he puts all his chips in with a straight!

I hovered around 10th for a few levels and after the break went card dead. I saw one pair 22 and folded to a massive reraise. I got 55 two hands later. A early position raiser put 2 x bb in. I reraised allin for 3000 more. The big blind flat called (yikes!). The original raiser passed. I am up against AA and An Ace on flop comes just to rub it in! Out 24th.

Hopefully i will play a bit more this weekend and get back to winning ways.

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