Thursday, December 23, 2004


That was the Year that was.....

A quick round up of 2004 and plans for 2005. (I don't do "New Years resolutions").


Brian Clough

John Peel

2004 High points

Joe Kinnear rescuing Forest in Spring 2004

2004 Low point

Joe Kinnear incapable of stopping Forest's decline in Autumn 2004.


A good year online. Not at the level of other bloggers but I saw my online 'roll increase by over 100%. On the usual scale of things I should be playing 5/10 limit, but still getting used to 3/6 so caution is the keyword for the last year. Progressed up to 3/6 from 1/2 at the end of 2003. Key changes for me are that I rarely play NLHE Tournys online, and only rarely play Hold 'em for cash. Benefitted from a lot of Omaha Hi/Low tournaments and cash games. Still learning, but touch wood it's going well. Still not "got" PLO cash but had a few nice pay days in PLO tournies.


Expecting to be back in the "9 to 5" grind in January so my live play will be severely restricted. I'm hoping I can progress on-line and carry on building my 'roll. (Be great to double it again!).

Holiday poker expected in Slovenia (May), hopefully Vegas during WSOP and possibly an Autumn/Winter trip, either to Vegas or Tunica. I can but hope!

Have a good Xmas and a prosperous New Year!

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