Sunday, October 10, 2004


Don't you hate it when your friends become famous?

Quick update. I played two nights in a row at the cardroom. It was going to be three in a row, but more of that later.

Thursday I had 1 rebuy in the £20 Pot Limit Hold 'em comp. 97(!) runners and a big £5800ish pool. I bombed out with AJ which ran into a bb of A7 who thought I was stealing and reraised me. 7 on flop, no J and I go and play the Pot Limit £100 Dealers Choice cash game. Had some tremendous luck plus some good play and at one point was up £500...Lost a chunk back with AA235 with both aces suited with low cards. Ran into A2 of diamonds on 359 (two diamonds) flop. High Diamond on turn and I passed a £110 all-in bet into a £600 pot. All in had nut flush and A234 for uncounterfeitable low draw. River card was not low so I saved £100. I figured if I called I would only get £175 from the £700 ish in there. Maybe I should've passed on flop with bottom two pair a wheel draw and no flush draw?

Anyway I left soon after, at 4am. I had arranged to go Friday To meet Simon C who now lives in Greece. He actually turned up late on Thursday. Plan was to play a comp in Walsall Saturday night.

Anyway, on Friday I bust out early when I reraise an early position raiser. I have AA he has KK. Flop K22, no miracles for me. I shake his hand and wish him good luck. I had been a bit rude on Thursday to the A7 guy, I said "that was the worst play I've seen here" or some such Hellmuthian rubbish (I must stop watching the WSOP on telly as it's giving me bad habits). Anyway I was a more cheerful redsimon on Friday.

Simon C was still going strong and I decided to have an early night (2 am!).

On Saturday I was so tired that I hoped Simon C would ring and say he can't go. Amazingly he did, even more shocking was that he had chopped the comp 4 handed and took home a cool £1100! (dontcha just hate that). Only joking Si...nice one!

I put my tourny stats into my spreadsheet. Depressing reading. Since June I have cashed 1 time live, been 11-15 8 times and spent over £1500 for £250 return. Cash games have been a lot better. Over £1500 up with an hourly rate of £15 approx. Maybe I should stay home until 11 pm then go to the cardroom?

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